French-Cambodian woman Rindy Sam was fined in 2007 for kissing and consequently leaving a lipstick smear on Cy Twombly's untitled triptych, which was in display at the Lambert Collection in Avignon, France.

Ms Sam told a court she was "overcome by passion" when she saw the all-white canvas. "I just gave it a kiss. It was an act of love when I kissed it. I wasn't thinking, I thought the artist would understand," she said at the time. (BBC News)

Worn-out pillowcase... Once Susan Sontag came to me in a dream: oh Susan i cried, stabbing out my cigarette, it ́s time to get inked.* On stage, intertwined figures modeled after Giambolognas „Hercules Carrying the Erymanthian Boar“ pushed up against the tight background. Again, it is difficult to interpret this gesture with any certainty; severed limbs, grasping at the drapery —eyeless sockets and a mask-like head. The surfaces are textured: blue velvet imitation, permute polyester satin, grey toweling, virgin styrofoam in fresh tagged plastic wrap.

This is an exhibition of lazy extremities and oversized pleasure. -poems, porcelain
-Elisabeth Grosz (Art is of the Animal)
-Vandalism and Mannerism

-Goya, mon amour
-Sailor Moon, Akira (transforming)
-a lychee growing out of another lychee -rachel harrison <3 rachel harrison -whose hands hold this picture?*

*Quotes: Quinn Latimer

Sophie Hammer
lives and works in Vienna
since 2012 sculpture and performative art, academy of fine arts Vienna

Katharina Höglinger
lives and works in Vienna
2011 graduation fine arts/painting, university of art and industrial design Linz